Work sequences:


- to identify customers' requirements: first, a meeting will be organized to define the project;

- to submit a research proposal: afterwards, a suggestion for the evaluation will be presented;

- starting the search: once approved the proposal, a specialized team will be set up. The team will conduct research and analyze the results and capacity, from the surface to the potential installation of equipment.

- providing customers with permanent support: even after the feasibility study, a relationship will be kept. So, the customer benefits from the search results.


We carry out the following activities:

- energy, management, contractual consulting applied to the design of power plants;

- managing practices in order to ask the incentives, licenses, authorizations and loans;

- identifying and managing of lands for plant and photovoltaic greenhouses installations;

- supply of materials;

- installation of photovoltaic plants;

- start-up and monitoring of the photovoltaic plants;

- ordinary/extraordinary maintenance.